The Essential Upgrade of Septic Tank Risers

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Never dig up your landscaping again!

While new septic tank installations typically come equipped with septic tank risers, many older systems lack this crucial feature.

Septic tank risers are pivotal in making access to your septic tank both convenient and cost-effective by extending the access point to ground level or just below. This innovation significantly reduces the need for expensive labor charges for each maintenance or pumping service. For a deeper dive into the benefits, our latest blog post offers extensive insights.

Incorporating septic tank risers before major landscaping projects can save your yard from unnecessary upheaval. Instead of navigating through grass, stones, or even lift stone pavers, maintenance becomes as simple as removing a few lids.

Designed with safety and durability in mind, septic tank risers feature specialized square drive screws to prevent unauthorized access. The lids, crafted from highly durable poly-HDPE material, boast the highest level of UV protection to stand up against the intense sun in Arizona, ensuring no warping or wear. Furthermore, each lid is sealed with a foam gasket, guaranteeing an airtight and watertight fit to the riser pipe.

The risers, which have come in two sizes, 18″ and 24″, cater to different septic tank models. From the 1970s through the mid-1990s, the 18″ risers were typically installed on single-compartment tanks, while the 24″ risers are installed on two-compartment tanks. For two-compartment tanks, it’s crucial to install risers on both the inlet and outlet sides to maintain proper pumping access. All new risers installed by Priority Pumping are 24″ in diameter.

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A key advantage of having risers on a two-compartment tank is the accessibility it provides to the effluent filter located in the outlet baffle assembly. This filter, crucial for preventing solids from reaching the disposal field, should be cleaned 1-2 times annually. Risers make accessing and servicing the filter much simpler and more cost-effective than the traditional method of digging down to the tank lid for each service.

Upgrading to septic tank risers streamlines maintenance, protects landscaping, and saves on labor costs. It’s a smart, straightforward enhancement that ensures your septic system functions smoothly and efficiently.

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