Septic Tank Effluent Filters

Effluent filter cleaning

Lets chat about a crucial component of your septic system: the effluent filter. Designed to safeguard your disposal field from solids, effluent filters play a pivotal role in ensuring the longevity and effectiveness of your septic system. Let’s dive into what these filters are, their benefits, and how to maintain them.

What are Effluent Filters?

Effluent filters are integral parts of the septic tank, specifically designed to filter out solids from the wastewater before it enters the disposal field. Positioned at the outlet baffle, these filters act as a barrier, preventing solids from exiting the tank and contaminating the leach field. By doing so, effluent filters extend the lifespan of your disposal field and enhance the overall performance of your septic system.

Understanding Installation of Effluent Filters in Septic Tanks

It’s essential to understand that effluent filters are not suitable for all septic tanks. Specifically, one-compartment tanks do not typically have effluent filters installed, as they would be constantly clogged, leading to frequent issues. Instead, effluent filters should be installed in all two-compartment septic tanks. This distinction is crucial because around 1996, the two-compartment septic tank became the standard. So, if your system was installed from that time forward, it likely includes an effluent filter to prevent waste from reaching the disposal field. This is an easy way to gauge whether your septic tank should have an effluent filter installed.

There are different colors and sizes of effluent filters too! You may see a gray, red, blue or even yellow filter installed inside of your septic tank. They are all on the same mission to protect your disposal field. Some will also have arrows on them and it is very important that the arrow goes in the proper way. Check out the video below where we walk you through pulling out the filter and replacing it back into place.

Importance of Regular Septic Filter Maintenance

At Priority Pumping, we cannot stress enough the importance of regular maintenance, especially regarding your effluent filter. We recommend cleaning your filter every six months to prevent backups and ensure that your disposal field remains protected. This routine care is essential for keeping your septic system functioning seamlessly and avoiding potential issues down the line.

This is a service that you can do yourself and the video above even shows you how; but we also understand it can be quite intimidating and maybe even a bit yucky, and that’s where our team of septic heroes come in! We do provide Effluent Septic Filter Cleaning Service if you would rather leave it to the professionals. Give us a call or text at 602-601-5751 and we can get you all set up!