Septic Tank Riser Installations

Septic tank risers are attached on new septic tank installations; however, many older style septic tanks do not have them. 

Septic tank risers bring the access of the septic tank to ground level or just below grade. This alleviates the need to pay for labor costs every time the septic tank needs to have its regular maintenance pumping. Check out this blog post that explains even more. 

It is also a great idea to install septic tank risers prior to doing any extensive landscaping so that when the tank needs to be pumped, we will just have to take off a couple lids versus disrupting your grass, rocks or removal of stone pavers.  

Septic tank risers are a extremely safe and have specialized square drive screws to discourage unauthorized entry. The lids are also made out an incredible strong poly-HDPE material with the highest level of UV protection to prevent warping or wear in the hot Arizona sun. Each riser lid includes a foam gasket for an airtight and watertight seal to our corrugated riser pipe.

The risers come in two sizes – 18″ and 24″. The 18″ riser pipe installations were installed on one compartment septic tank (typically 1970’s thru mid 1990’s.) The 24″ riser pipe installation is the new standard and is used on both one and two compartment tanks now. If you have a two compartment tank, risers need to be added to both the inlet and outlet sides to ensure proper pumping access.

Another important reason to install septic tank risers on a two compartment tank is that many of those tank have an effluent filter in the outlet baffle assembly. The filter should be pulled 1-2 times a year and cleaned off to prevent any backups from occurring. The filter is an important part of the septic system as it keeps solids from entering your disposal field. Having risers present make this task simple and much more cost efficient than digging down to the tank lid for each cleaning service.

Traffic-Rated Septic Tank Risers

traffic rated septic tank riser


A traffic-rated septic tank riser is a type of riser that is designed and engineered to withstand the weight and pressure exerted by vehicular traffic. These risers are installed securely on top of a traffic-rated or reinforced septic tanks. It is not advised to install traffic-rated risers to a regular concrete, poly or fiberglass septic tank. 

In some cases, the septic tank may be located beneath a driveway, parking area, or other areas where vehicles regularly pass over. In such situations, a traffic-rated septic tank riser is necessary to ensure the riser can bear the weight and load of vehicles without getting damaged or collapsing.

Traffic-rated septic tank risers are made from durable materials such as reinforced concrete with steel rings and lids. They are engineered to meet specific load-bearing capacities and are designed to withstand the pressures and stresses caused by vehicle traffic.