ADEQ Septic Inspections Phoenix

The house has an offer and we have to get a what? Septic inspections can sound confusing and complex but that’s where Priority Pumping steps in! We are here to walk you through every step of the septic inspection process. 

Every employee within our company is an ADEQ and NAWT certified septic system inspector. Yep, even our office staff! Why? Because our mission is to educate everyone on their systems and we expect everyone on our team to be thoroughly trained to answer your questions and properly prepare the inspection reports.

Never wait for a report or photos to be returned with Priority Pumping. We guarantee same-day return on all reports and photos and in most instances, you have them within hours of the job completion.  Did you forget to schedule this crazy important septic inspection and are scrambling now to meet closing? Give us a call! Many times we can get you and completed within 48 hours!

Same-Day Reports!
We give you a courtesy call after every inspection to walk you through your report and answer any questions you may have.
Clean Inspections
We know you are trying to sell your home and we want to leave it as pretty as possible!
Done The Right Way!
We only conduct ADEQ Septic Inspections by exposing and removing the lids to the tank and checking out the entire system.
Complete Pumping Service
We don't pump the water out of a clean out! We open the tank and extract all of the liquids and solids.
Clean Equipment!
You'll never see an oil stain in the driveway or sewage spill from our new state-of-the-art equipment.
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Our unique Arizona ADEQ Septic Inspection service is offered to our customers as package deal...
one price for the entire service, based upon your septic tank size and home address.
This makes budgeting easier during your inspection period!


Our certified ADEQ Septic Inspections includes all of the services required to properly perform a thorough examination of your entire septic system.

  • Camera and electronic locating of the septic tank.
  • Two hours of labor to expose septic tank lids and cover when completed.
  • Complete pumping of the septic tank (all liquids and solids) 
  • Pulling and cleaning the effluent filter
  • Flow test to the disposal field to ensure leaching function is good
  • Professionally typed ADEQ Septic Inspection form, detailed map of tank location, Notice of Transfer paperwork, photos of the service and invoice emailed the SAME DAY!

Great experience. Professional, accurate and timely. Really helped in our home sale process!

Booking Your Inspection is Simple!

Request A
Price Quote

Give us a call or complete our form below with your contact info and your property address and we'll send you a quote right away for the service! This is a great thing to have as soon as you list your home.

Book Your Inspection

Our office staff will set you up with a time that works best for you. A scope of service will be sent to you via email outlining every aspect of the inspection.
Have questions still? We're always available to chat!


Your awesome licensed septic inspector will complete all services required and restore your ground conditions , take photos and write up your report and draw you a map.

Follow Up Call
and Report

We always follow up with you after the service and explain our findings. If there is something wrong, you'll be alerted right away. We explain the report and make sure you have everything you need!

Quick lil' tips for you about the
ADEQ Septic Inspection

  • Biggest tip for this inspection…. DON’T WAIT! Over the years we have watched countless home sales derailed, postponed or even cancelled because the septic inspection turned up a failing system. Just because it appears to be working inside of the home, doesn’t mean it always is.
  • Septic Inspection reports come back with 3 different results: Functional, Functional with concerns & Not Functional. 
  • Septic inspection reports are good for 6 months from the date of service
  • Septic inspections can be paid through close of escrow if the closing is occurring within one week of the date of service. Call our office for more on that if you have questions or need to request this service.
  • Our Blog is full of great information pertaining to septic inspections so be sure to check that out! 
  • We have constructed an in depth FAQS section regarding ADEQ Septic tank inspections. Be sure to check it out!

Are you ready to get going on your ADEQ Septic Inspection? We now offer a convenient on-line booking option for those of you on the go!

Book Online now  with your contact information and our team will reach out to you to get all of the details and set up properly. 

Although we would love to be able to offer the entire booking service on-line, there are specific questions we must ask to make sure we show up ready to work, with the right equipment and work force.  Our conversation will be less than 5 minutes and you’ll be able to ask our knowledgeable team any last minute questions before we get you on the schedule!

Remember, we can reach out via phone call, text or even an email! Be sure to let us know what method you prefer.