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Welcome to the Media and Press Page of Priority Pumping! We are thrilled to share our journey of success and recognition. Our expertise in the septic industry has led to features on various podcasts, magazine articles, and the prestigious Titan Top 100 CEO program. Additionally, we’ve had the honor of being featured on AZTV7, connecting with our local community. Check out the direct links below to learn more about our company and explore our media features. If you’re interested in media opportunities with Priority Pumping, we invite you to reach out to 602-601-5751. We look forward to collaborating with you and sharing our insights and experiences with a wider audience!

As an additional highlight, our esteemed owner, Tanya Wilson, hosts her very own podcast called “Ladies Kickin Ass.” In this empowering platform, she interviews women in the home service business, providing them with a powerful voice to share their unique stories and experiences. Through “Ladies Kickin Ass,” Tanya celebrates the achievements of women in the industry and fosters a supportive community that encourages growth, learning, and success. Don’t miss the opportunity to tune in and be inspired by these incredible stories of female trailblazers in the service business!

Tanya Wilson built a highly successful company, and when it all collapsed in a way that might have sidelined most people, she went out and built another one.

In 2009, Wilson and a partner launched a septic company that grew to seven figures with 12 employees. “The entire business collapsed from fraud on my business partner’s behalf,” Wilson said. It left Wilson demoralized, with no business and a mountain of debt.

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