Sand, Oil, Grit Interceptor Pumping

Priority Pumping Service provides highly-trained professionals to address all of your non-hazardous liquid waste removal needs. We are fully licensed and insured and are available to help you whether your business is a small, single location facility of a major corporation with multiple sites. We have state of the art equipment that is always clean and presentable at your business location. Your waste is only disposed of at local, authorized wastewater treatment facilities and dumping manifests are always provided to our commercial customers for your maintenance records. 

Sand, Oil, Grit & Lint Interceptor tanks require regular pumping and cleaning in order to properly filter and hold designated solids from entering the local sewer system. These solids are called FOG (Fats, Oils, Greases). Many city programs are categorized as a FOG program. Waiting it out for a city inspector to stop by and flag your interceptor maintenance is not the right way to go! City regulations state that interceptors of this nature should be pumped every 3-6 months, depending on usage.

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Our service agreement is not a contract. We are a company that still values the meaning of a handshake! That is exactly how we want you to view our Service Agreements. 

Our service agreement is a “handshake” from our company that we will show up on time, provide exceptional service and keep you on track with your required interceptor pumping maintenance. This agreement provides peace of mind that Priority Pumping will consistently take care of your facilities for your desired time period.  A longer agreement entitles you to some additional services at discounted pricing. 

Once you have established a pumping service agreement with Priority, each interceptor pumping services includes:

  • Inspection of all baffles and interior of the tank and lids
  • Estimates for any repairs needed
  • Photos of your pumping service before and after
  • Electronically stored and emailed invoices with waste manifests for inspectors
  • Convenient folder to keep 3 years of records together in one easy-to-find document
Need more information or want more information on the service agreement with Priority Pumping? Contact us today!


Large fines can be given out by city inspectors or by city municipalities for not regularly maintaining your interceptor. With Priority Pumping, maintenance schedule and service agreement, you will no longer need to remember to schedule your interceptor pumping service! We will remind you and quickly schedule it for you on a date that works best for your company.

What Is An Interceptor?

An interceptor is a concrete trap (box) that filters the FOG from the wastewater and allows a cleaner flow of water to the sewer system. This prevents heavy backups and clogging issues within the sewer system.  

A properly functioning interceptor will keep FOG levels entering the city sewer system to a minimum. Interceptors are sized based upon the grease-loading fixtures inside the facility. Sometimes several establishments can go into one interceptor.

Many times, interceptors need to have their waste profiled at the local wastewater disposal facility. We will quickly take a sample of the wastewater, have it profiled within 48 hours and we can then schedule your pumping service right away. Profiles are good for two years. These profiles help our wastewater treatment facility know what kind of waste we are bringing to them, the best way to treat it and to be sure the liquid is non-hazardous.

Interceptors should be pumped EVERY 3-6 months depending on usage.
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