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If the drains in your home are gurgling, not draining as well as they should or you have noticed a wet spot inside or outside your home, you should call Priority Pumping at once to schedule a Sewer Line Video Inspection on your plumbing lines. 

A Video Camera Inspection will provide a visual, real-time inspection of the interior of your pipes.

Another great reason to have a sewer line video inspection of your plumbing and drain lines is if when you are considering the purchase of a new home. Sure, the home inspector will run some water down the lines and if it flows, they will give your plumbing a green light. For a small fee, save yourself some serious heartache and serious cash down the road by having your plumbing lines inspected. 

Old cast-iron, Orangeburg plumbing material, excessive build-up or bellied drain lines can cost thousands of dollars to repair or replace. No one wants to deal with that in your new home!

Know for sure the health of your sewer line pipes.

What Is A Sewer Line Video Inspection?

Since we cannot just pop open a drain and peer inside the plumbing lines more than a couple inches, a video camera inspection is the only way to determine 100% what is troubling the line or causing the present issues with your plumbing. 
Sewer Line Video Inspections give you the complete picture of your exterior plumbing, sewer and septic drain line.
When buying a home, this inspection can truly save you thousands of dollars from unforeseen plumbing issues.
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One of Priority Pumping’s licensed technicians will insert a fiber-optic cable, equipped with a powerful mini-camera and light, into your sewer line. The camera sends back a real-time video to a screen where the technician can observe the condition of the line. The camera is equipped with a measuring device so we can positively identify exactly where the plumbing issue is located within the drain line.

The video camera inspection will locate spots where there are leaks, blockages, root invasion, breaks, joint-splits, compressed or failed pipelines. Knowing the exact issue and location of the plumbing issue allows us to provide you with the best estimate possible to repair or replace your plumbing, sewer or septic drain lines.

Sewer Camera Inspection for Home Sale

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When you buy a home, you can see the condition of the cabinets, the floors, and the furnace with your own eyes. But you will buy the whole property, including what you cannot see: one of those things being the sewer lateral.  So “look before you buy” with a Priority Pumping Video Camera Sewer Inspection.

Our sewer video camera inspection will detail all conditions of the sewer line which can save you thousands of dollars now!

A sewer line video camera inspection is a great idea if you are considering the purchase of an older home. The video camera inspection will quickly identify if the pipe is made from outdated material (such as cast-iron, Orangeburg or galvanized steel) and if it requires repairs or replacement.

Having a video camera inspection is also a great idea if you are not purchasing an older home. The living and cleaning behaviors of the previous owners can also determine the health of the plumbing and/or sewer/septic drain lines. If previous owners cooked with heavy oils or fats and disposed of them down the kitchen sink, the pipes will have a thick grease coating that is a recipe for a clogging disaster. Previous homeowners may have also been heavy toilet wipe users that are now congested in the plumbing lines. 

Priority Pumping offers a low, flat-rate fee for our Plumbing Line Inspections. This includes the visual video inspection of all plumbing lines within the home and even the sewer or septic line to the sewer tap or septic tank. (The ADEQ septic inspection does not include any inspection of the sewer lines leading up to the septic tank itself.) Don’t blindly buy a home without properly having the plumbing lines inspected from the inside out! Bad, old, leaky pipes or build-up inside of plumbing or drain lines can cost thousands of dollars to replace as many of the lines are located under the floor or under expensive driveways.

Knowledge is power and plumbing-condition knowledge will save your wallet lots of sweating in the future.