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Hydro Jetting (also known as high pressure water jetting) is the most effective drain cleaning method available. High pressure jetting works by removing all types of obstructions and build–up from sewer and septic drain lines without damaging them. It even helps them stay clean afterwards (compared to traditional drain cleaning).

Only trained plumbers are well-equipped to perform hydro jetting service and revitalize your drain lines. If you need a tough clog removed, grease build-up removed or if you want to schedule routine septic or sewer drain cleaning service, you should call Priority Pumping. We provide thorough work and will restore your pipes to like-new condition. We also offer a 30-day guarantee on all lines that we jet.

Our hydro jetting machines can clean any residential or commercial lines ranging from 2″ – 6″ diameter. Our machine is mounted right to our pump truck so we are always available to clean your lines with any pumping service.

Why Should I Choose Hydro Jetting Service?

A hydro jetter is an advanced piece of plumbing equipment that uses high-pressure water to scour the inside of a pipeline. A hydro jetter consists of a tank of water connected to a motor that places the water at high pressure, usually around 3,500 psi. A long hose ending with a nozzle is then sent down the drain, or into an opening called a clean-out that is used for easy access to the sewer line.

The shape of the nozzle directs the spray forwards and backwards to provide full coverage of the pipe interior. Thick, heavy clogs will break apart and then flow down into the sewer or septic system. The high pressure water will also remove debris along the pipe walls, such as organic deposits and minerals like those from hard water, grease or detergent build-up.

The result is a clean drain pipe or sewer line without any damage to the pipe. The cleaning power of hydro jetting is thorough enough that it will be difficult for build–up to start again.

 If you have a reoccurring clog or if you are encountering issues in your home that indicate a blocked sewer line, call on Priority Pumping for sewer drain and septic line cleaning. We use the finest equipment and our technicians are experienced and skilled. 

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Want Your Jetting Service On A Schedule?

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Our service agreement is not a contract. We are a company that still values the meaning of a handshake! That is exactly how we want you to view our Service Agreements. 

Our service agreement is a “handshake” from our company that we will show up on time, provide exceptional service and keep you on track with your required hydro jetting maintenance. This agreement provides peace of mind that Priority Pumping will consistently take care of your facilities for your desired time period.  A longer agreement entitles you to some additional services at discounted pricing. 

Once you have established a hydro jetting service agreement with Priority, each services includes:

  • Inspection of all lines being jetted
  • Estimates for any repairs needed
  • Photos of your jetting service – before and after
  • Electronically stored and emailed invoices 
  • Convenient folder to keep 3 years of records together in one easy-to-find document
Need more information or want more information on the service agreement with Priority Pumping? Contact us today!