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Priority Pumping is a local, woman-owned septic and wastewater pumping company. We are not a corporation and you are not just a number or a stop for us. We take our relationships with our customers personal. We want to do a great job for you. We don’t do things the easy way, we do them the right way! Sometimes the situation with your septic system is not pretty and we’ll be honest with you, yet always help your find a resolution!. We are available to handle the simple pumping jobs on thru extensive repairs and even installation jobs. We are know exactly how the systems work and will be able to walk you through any situation. We’ve been in this industry for over a decade and we’re always available to help.

Our purpose at Priority Pumping is to share our education with you. We want you to know exactly what you have in the ground and what condition it is in and best maintenance practices.   

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