Meet the Lady Behind The Biz - Tanya Wilson

Meet Tanya Wilson, the visionary leader behind Priority Pumping. With a passion for excellence and a deep-rooted commitment to serving the community, Tanya has established herself as a driving force in the septic industry.

Married to the love of her life, Jake Wilson, who is the Operations Manager of Priority Pumping, Tanya’s journey is a testament to the power of collaboration and teamwork. As a proud mother of two children – Ayzli and Cash, and a bonus mama to Peytan, Carter, and Caleb, family values and the sense of community drive her approach to business.

Tanya is a multi-talented individual with a diverse range of interests and accomplishments. She is the podcast host of the popular show “Ladies Kickin Ass,” a platform that empowers women in the service industry. Moreover, she is the founder of “Ladies Kickin Ass,” an online community that provides support and inspiration to women in the field.

As an inspiring speaker and a work-in-progress author, Tanya shares her knowledge and experiences to impact lives positively. Her commitment to personal growth leads her to participate regularly in personal development events, always striving to acquire new skills.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Tanya actively contributes to the industry and community. She is a dedicated Board Member of the National Association of Wastewater Technicians (NAWT) Education Committee and the Arizona Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association (AZOWRA).

Tanya’s leadership and dedication have not gone unnoticed. She was recognized as one of Phoenix Titan Top 100 CEOs in both 2022 and 2023, a testament to her exceptional skills and achievements.

Passionate about encouraging more women to join the service industry and devoted to educating kids on the opportunities available in the trades, Tanya’s advocacy extends to empowering future generations.

When you partner with Priority Pumping, you’re not just receiving exceptional service – you’re connecting with a leader who is making a real difference in her industry, her community, and the lives of those she inspires. Tanya Wilson’s commitment to excellence and her genuine care for others fuel Priority Pumping’s mission to do epic sh!t in the septic industry.

Tanya Wilson CEO
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Ways To Connect With Tanya

Listen to the
Ladies Kickin Ass Podcast with Tanya Wilson

Ladies Kickin Ass podcast with Tanya Wilson

Welcome to “Ladies Kickin’ Ass,” the podcast where kickass women in the home service and trades industries spill the real tea on making it big. Twice a week, host Tanya Wilson brings you the gritty, the pretty, and everything in between.

Catch us every Tuesday for a deep dive with a powerhouse entrepreneur. Hear her raw, unfiltered story—from breaking ground in her field to celebrating the ups and downs while scaling her business. These aren’t just chats; they’re your battle plans for crushing it in your business and your life!

Then, swing by every Thursday for some fierce coaching. Whether from Tanya or a top-notch industry expert, you get the insider tips you need. We’re talking nitty-gritty business & life tactics—from whipping your systems into shape to mastering the art of a kickass workplace vibe and all the marketing savvy you’re skeptical about but seriously need. But let’s not forget, it all starts with our mindset, so we’ll pepper in some amazing support from women specializing in health, wellness, parenting, and personal development.

“Ladies Kickin’ Ass” isn’t just a podcast; it’s your new squad. Here, you’ll link up with fellow badass women, share war stories, swap wisdom, and find tools to amp up your business and life. For every service-based entrepreneurial woman hustling to make her mark—welcome home. Let’s shake things up together. Are you in? Push play!