Sewer Line Repair and Replacement East Valley

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What good would your plumbing system be without a functional drainage system and sewer lines? The sewer lines in your home are a feature of the modern plumbing system that most of us could not imagine getting by without. The sewer and drain lines are out of view so many homeowners don’t think about the waste that goes through them. This can also mean that many homeowners end up neglecting their sewer lines until they require major repair.

Don’t wait long to schedule sewer services with a professional. They do not correct themselves or get better with time. Call the experts at Priority Pumping for expert sewer line repair at the first sign of problems with your drains. Whether you are dealing with a major clog, a leak, or any other issues with the sewer drain lines on your property, we have the tools and knowledge to handle the problem.  We service both residential and commercial customers.

What Causes Sewer Lines Issues?

Sewer drain lines are abused by what we are putting down our drains. Many times we use our garbage disposals as garbage cans! Garbage disposals are designed to grind up the residual food that is left over on dishes. They should not be used for all food waste, as most food waste should be disposed of in the trash or composted. Heavy garbage disposal usage will result in build-up on the interior of your pipes and make clogs appear more frequently. It is also important to note that fats, oils and greases should never be put in the drains at your home. 

Another culprit of sewer line drainage issues is the toilet! Nothing should be flushed down the toilet except the three P’s: pee, poo and paper (toilet paper, that is)!  Feminine products, condoms, cigarette butts, kitty litter, diapers, toy cars, cotton balls or swabs, excessive hair and the like should NEVER be flushed down the toilet. A new major concern and cause for heavy sewer drain clogs are the “flushable toilet wipes” and cleaning product wipes. Just because it says it’s flushable, doesn’t mean it should be flushed!  Really think about it…many items would actually fit down the toilet that we throw away, but we wouldn’t flush them!

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How Much Damage Can A Tree Really Do To My Sewer Line?

Root invasion from nearby trees or shrubbery is one of the most common septic and sewer line issue in Arizona. Roots will destroy a sewer drain line quickly, especially in the desert! It’s free, fertilized water. What tree wouldn’t love that? Roots can infiltrate through weak joint or corroded areas of the sewer line. Once inside the sewer line, the roots will grow at incredible speed. There is no way to get the roots out with a product as there was a weak spot in the system that allowed them in the pipe in the first place. Priority Pumping can positively identify the point of entrance with our video camera inspection and correct the issue to prohibit the roots from spreading.

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Roots inside a sewer line
roots in septic system sewer lines
Roots inside a septic system line

Old Plumbing - Cast Iron and Orangeburg Plumbing

Old plumbing and old sewer drain lines can quickly become the culprit for continuous line clogs or drainage issues. Here in Arizona, we often find breaks or corrosion with old cast-iron or Orangeburg plumbing lines that must be replaced. These older plumbing drain lines were practical for use but have overtime become corroded and damaged.

Cast-iron plumbing sewer lines will eventually begin to rust and that rust will deteriorate the pipe. This can cause water leaks and joint leaks. If not properly diagnosed or caught early, these issues can cause thousands of dollars in water damage. The same is true for Orangeburg pipe with exception of the cause of the problem. Orangeburg pipe is essentially rolled paper that is lined. This prevents the line from becoming saturated, however; it does not prevent the sewer drain line from drying out in the desert climate. The Orangeburg pipe will become dry and brittle over time. Many homeowners are also unaware of the plumbing material of their sewer drain lines. Orangeburg can easily become punctured during routine rooter service if the technician is not made aware. Where ABS or PVC will steer the rooter blades around bends and joint in the plumbing, Orangeburg is not as generous and can be easily pierced allowing water leaks and possible root infestation.

cast iron sewer line issues
Corroded cast iron pipe
orangeburg pipe replacement mesa az
Collapsed Orangeburg Pipe

Sewer Line Settling - Bellies or Dips in the Sewer Line

Settling can occur over time for sewer and septic drain lines. This can occur from obscure ground conditions,  compaction issues or heavy traffic over the area.  The settling can cause bellies in the sewer line which may lead to continuous clogging issues. Proper detection of these issues can be made with a sewer video camera inspection. Many times these belly areas can be replaced easily and fully restore your septic or sewer drain lines. 

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Sewer & Septic Line Breaks

Broken septic or sewer lines are usually noticed by wet spots found in the area directly above the sewer line. The ground will become saturated where the break has occurred. With our video camera inspection, we can quickly identify the severity of the septic or sewer line breaks and provide an on-site estimate for the replacement of the troubled area.  

Sewer line breaks can occur within the pipe itself from roots, settling or heavy traffic over the area. Sewer or septic drain line leaks can also occur by misaligned or offset pipe joints. Whatever the cause of your leak, Priority Pumping will be able to locate the problem area and get you back to full functioning state in no time at all.

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