Shield Your Field! – A Special #SepticSmartWeek Septic Tip

Shield Your Field

Shield Your Field
Celebrating #SepticSmartWeek2023 with Best Practices for Your Disposal Field

Septic systems are unsung heroes, operating quietly below the surface to manage our wastewater. One of their most crucial components is the disposal field, and during this #SepticSmartWeek2023, we’re shining a spotlight on how to protect and maintain it.

1. Keep Trees at Bay

Root of the Problem:
Tree roots naturally gravitate towards moisture sources. If too close to your disposal field, they can infiltrate the septic system, causing blockages, breaks, or even system failure.

Stay Safe:
Choose your plantings wisely. Keep trees and large shrubs at a safe distance, typically at least 10-25 feet away from the disposal field, depending on the tree’s size and root spread.

2. Don’t Tread (or Drive) on Me

Weighty Concerns:
Driving or parking vehicles over the disposal field can compress the soil and potentially damage the pipes below. This not only disrupts the system’s operations but can also lead to expensive repairs.

Taking Action:
Mark out your disposal field area and ensure it’s a no-drive and no-park zone. Inform all household members and guests about its location to prevent accidental damage.

Disposal Field 411

3. Know Before You Build or Landscape

Planning Ahead:
Whether you’re considering a new shed, a swimming pool, or a landscaping project, knowing the location of your disposal field is crucial. Construction or heavy landscaping over the field can damage the system and hinder its ability to treat wastewater efficiently.

Mapping it Out:
Ensure you have a clear map or diagram of your property, highlighting the septic system and disposal field. Consult this before starting any projects to keep the area clear and safe.

4. Keep it Simple: Lawn, Rock, and Grass

The Surface Matters:
The ideal surface over a disposal field is one that doesn’t disrupt its function. Grass is the perfect cover as it helps remove excess moisture while preventing soil erosion. Lawn rocks can also be used to demarcate the area or as a decorative element, but ensure they don’t compact the soil beneath.

Steer Clear:
Avoid placing structures, decks, patios, or heavy ornamental items on top of the disposal field. Keep it clear, simple, and functional.

Your disposal field plays a pivotal role in the health of your septic system. This #SepticSmartWeek2023, embrace these best practices to “Shield Your Field” and ensure its longevity and efficiency. With a little care and knowledge, your septic system can serve you well for years to come.

Join Priority Pumping as we continue to promote and celebrate smart septic practices for our community. Together, let’s keep our systems running smoothly and our environment clean.


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