This Is NOT A Septic Tank Riser

This is NOT A Septic Tank Riser

This is NOT a septic tank riser! Well… someone tried to make it be, but that was a bad idea! During an During an ADEQ Septic Inspection, we discovered this DIY riser and a tank full of tree roots because this bad boy wasn’t even attached to the tank! 😱🤦‍♀️

Priority Pumping does it the right way! Property sized materials designed to be affixed to the tank. Properly concreted to the tank and a lid designed for safety and strength. Never compromise the safety of your system! 👍🏻

Besides roots taking up residence, bad installs like this pose huge safety risks for people and animals. Keep everyone safe and call the professionals!

We will come to your property and measure the depth and number of risers required. One compartment tanks will need one riser, while two compartment tanks will require two risers. Typical riser installation is $250 per foot with $250 per lid. Some may ask, “Why so much, Tanya?” Well, because we use the right materials and properly affix materials that will withstand the sun and other elements. Safety is number one. Don’t settle for “cheap metal risers”. Do it right with Priority!

Septic system repairs, like riser installation, can be done quickly and will truly save a lot of money over the years of maintaining your septic system. Plus, we truly believe that septic systems with septic lid risers are maintained better! Why? Because, for one, you will see the lids and it is a reminder to have it taken care of and two, it’s less money to spend at time of service! Win/Win! 


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