What is a septic system?

what is a septic tank

A septic system is a two-part system.

The first part of the system is the septic tank. All of the liquid and solid waste from the drains in your home enter the septic tank.

The second part of the septic system is the disposal field or leach field. The leach field is where the effluent water from the septic tank goes to be treated before it is absorbed into the ground soil. The water will be further treated to rid all bacteria before re-entering the water table below the leach field. Pretty cool, huh! It’s as if you have your own individual sewer system at your home.

Septic systems must be properly maintained. This includes pumping your septic tank every 2-3 years and watching what you flush and water usage inside the home. Remember, all drains lead to the septic system. That means every toilet flush, sink wash, kitchen food disposal dump, shower, bubble bath and washing machine load enters into the septic tank. If you really think about it, that can be a lot of water! (I have 5 kids…. it’s a TON of water).

Proper maintenance requires the monitoring of the water usage. If you live on a septic, you don’t want to have a “laundry day”. You’re better off having a “load a day” schedule so you don’t overuse the water. Bacteria inside of the septic tank breaks down all of the organic waste that enters. When high water usage occurs or the flushing of inorganic materials (I’m talking about you, Mr “Flushable” wipes), the tank has less time break down the waste and can cause serious issues with buildup in your leachfield.

Remember…. ONLY flush water and the Three P’s – Paper (TP), Poop and Pee. That’s it!



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