Video Camera Sewer Line Inspections – Why Are They Important & When Do You Need One?

Sewer Line Video Camera Inspections

Did you know that throughout all of the typical inspections that are conducted on a house, presale, the sewer lines are one of the most overlooked, yet important, parts of the house? That is why we always recommended hiring a plumbing/sewer professional when you are purchasing a home. This inspection is just a few hundred dollars and can save you a massive headache in the long run. Inspection of the sewer line prior to a home purchase can also give you some negotiation power if it is old, cracked, root infiltrated, etc.

A specialized camera is inserted into your sewer drain lines allowing your technician (and even you) a clear picture of the health of your pipes. During this inspection period, the camera equipment can record and pinpoint any issues that are going on inside the sewer lines.

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Sewer lines are underground, which means they are dark, making it impossible to see the entire length of the line with a flashlight and your eyes. Hiring a professional that has specific equipment for this service is very important. Every truck that is part of the Priority Pumping fleet, carries this important camera for video sewer camera inspections.

There are other reasons to order a video camera inspection of your sewer lines. Here are some of the most common:

  • Find problems early on, so they don’t get worse or more expensive to repair
  • Assess reasons for recurring backup issues
  • Find a leak or a water break
  • Determine the root entry point or growth inside the pipes
  • Get rid of the guesswork and search for sewer line location
  • Determine the condition of the pipes
  • Determine the location of the outlet line, distribution box and disposal field for the septic tank in preparation of heavy landscaping, home additions, pool construction or adding additional parking space at your property serviced by a septic system.

Priority Pumping offers full sewer inspection, repair, and replacement services. We are here to help so call us with any questions or to get your inspection scheduled today!


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