STOP! Do NOT “Acid Treat” Your Seepage Pits

Acid Treatment Seepage Pits

The Hidden Dangers of Acid Treating Seepage Pits: Why It's Not Worth The Risk

Septic system maintenance is crucial for homeowners looking to ensure the longevity and proper functionality of their wastewater systems. A practice that’s gained some traction over the years is “acid treating” seepage pits. However, this method raises various environmental and legal concerns. In this article, we aim to shed light on the adverse effects of acid-treating seepage pits and why homeowners should think twice before considering it.

What is Acid Treating?

Acid treating involves pouring strong acids into seepage pits with the intent of clearing out blockages and improving the flow of wastewater in most commonly seepage pits, but is also suggested for other disposal field. While the immediate result may seem effective, the long-term consequences are both harmful and far-reaching. Plus it’s expensive and a total band-aid for the real issue at hand – the disposal field is saturated and needs to be replaced.

The Damaging Impact of Acid Treating Seepage Pits:

**Soil Degradation**: Acids are highly corrosive. When introduced to the ground, they can dramatically alter the natural pH levels of the soil, rendering it infertile and unsuitable for plant growth.

**Harming the Water Table**: Acids can seep further down, contaminating the water table. This not only poses risks for those reliant on groundwater sources but also affects the broader ecosystem that depends on this water.

**Destruction of Vegetation**: The immediate area around a seepage pit can become a dead zone after acid treatment. Plants, essential for preventing soil erosion and promoting a healthy ecosystem, can’t survive in the altered pH levels. I’ve seen acid treatments take out huge trees and travel a great distance to kill trees more than 20′ away.

**Environmental Risks**: Acid residues can travel, affecting water bodies like streams, ponds, or lakes. This can result in harm to aquatic life and the overall health of these ecosystems.

**Legal Implications**: Due to its adverse effects on the environment, acid treating seepage pits is illegal in many jurisdictions. Homeowners found practicing or commissioning this method can face hefty fines and legal consequences. I mean the stuff will burn a hole in your clothes… that’s not good for anything!

Rethinking Acid Treatments
If you need that, you need this!

If you look down the inspection port of your seepage pit and see water near the top, that is evident that there is certainly an issue. A seepage pit should NEVER need to be pumped out. If a seepage pit is holding water, it means that the pit is saturated or the perforated pipe has become clogged and needs to be replaced. There is no magic cleaner, solution or practice that will rejuvenate this pit. It’s time for a new one. Save your money and reach out to our team, so we can discuss your options.

Best way to prevent seepage pit failure and extend its life

Given the harmful implications of acid treating, it’s paramount for homeowners to explore safer and more sustainable methods for seepage pit maintenance:

**Regular Inspections**: Regularly inspecting and pumping your septic system can prevent blockages and improve functionality without resorting to harmful methods.

**Watch What You Flush**: Being conscious of what goes down your drains is one of the best things you can do to fight that build up that happens from yucky biomat inside of the seepage pit perf pipes. Decrease uses of grease and chemicals into the system.

**Eco-friendly Cleaners**: There are numerous eco-friendly cleaners available that are designed to break down waste without harming the environment.

Eco Friendly Cleaners are best for septic system

Acid treating might seem like a quick fix, but the damage it inflicts on the environment is long-lasting and far-reaching. As responsible homeowners, it’s our duty to prioritize methods that not only maintain our septic systems but also ensure the health of our surrounding environment.

If you’re seeking environmentally-friendly and effective solutions for your septic system, the experts at Priority Pumping  are just a call away. Together, we can ensure the longevity of your septic system without compromising the well-being of our planet.

*For sustainable and efficient septic system solutions, trust the experts at Priority Pumping. We’re here to provide responsible care for your home’s wastewater system.*

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