Protect It And Inspect It! – A Special #SepticSmartWeek Septic Tip

Protect it and Inspect it - save your septic tank

Inspect It and Protect It: Safeguarding Your Septic System
Marking #SepticSmartWeek2023 with Proactive Maintenance

During #SepticSmartWeek2023, one of our standout messages is clear: proactive inspection can be the difference between a long-lasting septic system and an expensive replacement. The mantra “Inspect It and Protect It” encapsulates the essence of this preventive approach.

1. Why Open Up the Septic Tank?

Getting to the Heart:
The septic tank is the core of your system. By opening it up for inspections, professionals can assess the current state of the tank, ensuring it’s operating effectively and catching any potential issues before they escalate.


  • Early detection of leaks or cracks.
  • Monitoring sludge and scum layers to determine pumping needs.
  • Identifying any irregularities in the flow or distribution of wastewater.

2. Baffles: More Important Than You Think

Baffle Basics:
Baffles are integral components that direct the flow of wastewater, ensuring solids settle while cleaner water flows out. If they’re damaged, solids might enter the drain field, leading to significant issues.

The Inspection Edge:
Checking baffles during inspections can help identify wear and tear or dislodgment, allowing for timely repairs and preventing costly complications down the line.

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3. Lids and Tanks: The First Line of Defense

Securing the System:
The lids and tanks play a pivotal role in sealing the system. Ensuring they are intact and appropriately fastened prevents contaminants from entering and treated water from leaking.

Safety First:
Regularly inspecting the lids also ensures safety, reducing the risk of accidental falls or injuries.

4. The Cost-Effective Approach

Save Now and Later:
While there might be a cost associated with regular inspections, consider it an investment. Early detection and minor repairs now can save you the substantial expense of a complete septic system replacement in the future.

“Inspect It and Protect It” isn’t just a catchy phrase—it’s a philosophy every homeowner should adopt. This #SepticSmartWeek2023, let’s prioritize regular septic inspections to ensure system longevity and optimal performance.

Join Priority Pumping in championing responsible septic system maintenance. Together, we can ensure that our systems not only last but also function at their best, safeguarding both our pockets and the environment.

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