Ignoring your septic system will cause environmental impact

Ignoring your septic system will cause environmental impact

At Priority Pumping, we are passionate about educating our homeowners on the best ways to take care of their septic system – both for the longevity of the system and the environmental impact. 

The Dangers of a Failing Septic System

Septic systems will operate effectively if, and only if, they are designed properly, situated in areas that allow proper operation, used only for the purposes for which they were designed, and pumping maintenance. Ignore any of these, and you will have a failing system that will discharge an unsafe amount of contaminants into the soil, which will enter groundwater. The harmful bacteria can cause dysentery, hepatitis, and typhoid fever.


Additionally, a failing septic system may release increased levels of nitrogen and phosphorus into groundwater which contaminates drinking water supplies, and also is a source of pollution to bodies of water such as ponds and streams, damaging the ecosystems within them.

The Dangers of a Failing Septic System

How Does Your Septic System Protect the Environment?

To protect public health, it is important to minimize the number of harmful organisms and contaminants that reach the surface or groundwater. Fortunately, the bacteria that live in your septic system can effectively remove most disease-causing microorganisms from wastewater treated in a properly functioning septic system.

Proper maintenance and regular inspection of your septic system ensure that the system not only functions as it should and keeps your household comfortable, but it ensures the safety of you, your family, and future generations by protecting our environment and groundwater.

If you have a septic system and don’t remember the last time that you had your tank pumped out – it’s certainly time. We recommend getting your septic tank pumped out every 2-3 years. If you have an older system, it is highly recommended that you have it inspected with your next pumping service, to make sure the system is still functioning the way it was designed.

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