3 Factors Of A Proper ADEQ Septic Inspection

ADEQ Septic Inspection

1. The inspection was done through the septic tank lid openings, not the inspection port

When conducting an ADEQ Septic Inspection, it is imperative that the inspector digs down to the tank and exposes the tank and lid. Otherwise, corrosion, roots, and cracks in the tank can go undetected. Corrosion cannot be identified by simply looking through an inspection port. Corrosion is the number one reason a septic tank generally needs to be replaced. The older the septic tank, the higher probability corrosion exists, especially in the rear end of the septic tank where gases accumulate. 

septic tank openings for pumping service

2. A flow test of at least 20 minutes was conducted

When the disposal field is functioning properly, the introduction of the 20-minute flow test should not raise levels inside of the septic tank. If at any point during that 20-minute flow test, the system backs up, we know there is an issue. It could be a disposal field failure or an issue with the cross-over line connecting the septic tank to the disposal field. In either case, further investigative work will need to be done. This is one of the top issues with incomplete septic inspections. Sadly, the new homeowners don’t realize there’s an issue until the septic tank fills with water and has nowhere to go except back into the house, yuck! 


3. Your inspector is individually certified

Any septic technician that is completing your inspection should hold their own certification number through NAWT (National Association of Wastewater Technicians). In the state of Arizona, this is the accredited organization responsible for providing ADEQ Inspection training. Be aware that many septic companies operate under a single certification number held by the owner, but Priority Pumping is different. Every person that works for Priority Pumping is a certified septic inspector and has completed the coursework to hold their own certification number.  Even our office staff goes through this training so that they can properly help you through this entire process. 

Septic certifications are public record and can be found here: nawt.org/search.html 

Have questions about a pending ADEQ Septic Inspection?

Give our office a a call or text us at 602.601.5751. Most information that you may need to know about the process can be found on our ADEQ Septic Inspection page.  We are more than happy to address any concerns or clarify anything you need. Your service with Priority Pumping is more than just a pump job! We love to educate our customers on their systems and help you develop a proper maintenance plan to keep your system happy and healthy for years to come.

Buying and selling a home can be stressful and many people are scared to purchase a home that is serviced by a septic system. Don’t Be! Septic systems are easily maintained if you follow a few simple guidelines. We’re happy to help!

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