Septic Tank Replacements – Top Two Reasons for Tank Replacement

Top Reasons you need to replace your septic tank

When Do I Need to Replace My Septic Tank?

Owning a septic system means staying on top of maintenance and knowing when it might be time for a replacement. Whether due to failure or new construction, understanding when to replace your septic tank is crucial. Here are some key points to help you determine when it’s time to make this significant change.

When the Septic Tank Has Failed

A septic tank failure is a serious issue that can arise for several reasons. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Cracks or Corrosion: If your septic tank is cracked or corroded beyond repair, it may be time for a replacement. This often happens with older systems or those that haven’t had regular preventative maintenance. Even though concrete tanks usually come with a 3-5 year warranty, problems can still occur, sometimes due to manufacturing defects.
  • External Damage: Damage can also be caused by driving over the tank or parking on top of it if it isn’t rated for traffic. This can lead to structural damage that necessitates replacement.
  • Age of the System: The lifespan of septic systems can vary. While some systems may need replacement after just 15 years due to heavy usage, others can last up to 70 years in great condition. Regular inspections and pumping services every 2-3 years are essential to monitor the system’s health and prevent failures.
  • Environmental and Health Risks: A leaking septic tank poses significant environmental and health risks, as pathogens from the waste can seep into the soil and cause contamination. If you notice any signs of leakage or failure, it’s crucial to address the issue immediately.
Septic Tank Replacement Gilbert AZ

Construction Dreams May Require a New Septic Tank

Planning a home addition or renovation? Your septic system might need an upgrade too. Here’s why:

  • Home Additions: If you’re adding a bedroom or a great room and the addition encroaches on the required 10-foot setback from the septic tank, you’ll need to relocate the tank and potentially the disposal field. This is a county requirement to ensure the system remains effective and compliant with local regulations.
  • Increased Usage: Septic systems are initially designed based on the number of bedrooms and plumbing fixtures in the home. Adding more fixtures or bedrooms can exceed the system’s designed capacity. In such cases, the county will require you to replace the tank and possibly the disposal field, depending on the extent of the addition and the system’s age.
Septic tank sizing for bedroom count

If you have an old tank, are considering a remodel, or just have questions about your septic system, contact the professionals at Priority Pumping today for an onsite assessment. We’re here to help you ensure your system is running smoothly and efficiently, no matter what changes come your way.

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